Moong Dal Dhoklas

As a working woman, who is also health conscious and likes to cook, I’m always looking out for food that is quick to prepare, healthy with no-fuss prep. Dhoklas are a great option for weekday breakfasts or a quick, steamed snack. These soft, steamed and spongy dhoklas are great with some coriander chutney, or in a pinch, even with ketchup. I am using cup measures for this recipe. But feel free to use any other measure; just keep the ratio of the grains the same.

What you need:

For the dhoklas:
Boiled rice, 1 cup
Moong dal, 2 cups
Urad dal (black gram dal), 1 cup
Salt, 3 teaspoons
Water for soaking the grains

For the tempering:
Curry leaves, 10
Green chillies (slit), 4
Coriander leaves (chopped), 1/2 cup
Sugar, 1/2 teaspoon
Mustard seeds, 1 teaspoon
Sesame seeds, 2 teaspoons
Oil, 3 teaspoons

To make the batter:
Wash the grains well and soak in water for atleast 5 hours. Grind to a smooth paste without adding too much water. The consistency should be thick, not runny. Set the batter aside to ferment overnight (about 5 hours) in a warm place. If you are making this in the winter, you might need to keep the vessel out in the sun to enhance fermentation. The batter should become frothy and airy after 6 hours. Mix in the salt.
You can refrigerate this batter for up to 2 days. However, you get the best results when you make the dhoklas right after fermentation.

To make the dhoklas:
Oil a flat tray / vessel. Pour the batter into the vessel – about an inch thick. Any thicker, and the batter might not cook through completely. Place this inside a pressure cooker with water. Remove the whistle from the lid to create a simple steamer. You can also use a bamboo steamer. Steam for about 10 minutes. You will know if the dhoklas are cooked if a knife pushed in comes out clean.
Wait for about 10 minutes to cool the dhoklas. Cut up into diamond shapes.

For the tempering:
Heat the oil in a kadhai / wok. Add the mustard seeds, sesame seeds and sugar and wait till the mustard seeds begin to pop. Then, add in the curry leaves and chillies. Pour over the dhoklas and garmish with coriander leaves.



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