How I Began to Cook

My relationship with the kitchen began as an unwilling one. My mother would nag me to cook occasionally so that I could “manage” when I was living away from home. She would also nag me about doing the dishes each night (which, I must say, I did quite diligently and would get through mounds of dirty utensils in record time). But apart from being an expert dishwasher, I really didn’t bother to try my hand at actually cooking anything.

Then came the years when I stayed in a hostel. Yes. Those days – when you are perpetually hungry and the tiffin is consistently tasteless. Not to mention, one is also always short of money. Such dire circumstances forced me to pick up the knife and slice the proverbial potato. I wish I could say, “and I never looked back since”. But no. I was lucky enough to move to Delhi University where the food was decent and the street food absolutely delicious. This put the breaks on my journey to master the culinary arts. But not for long.

I began the next phase in the journey of my life – marriage. Before marrying me, my husband knew all about my abilities (or the lack of them) in the kitchen. When he announced to his parents that I couldn’t cook, ย I believe my mother-in-law clucked disapprovingly and asked her son how long we planned to survive on pizza. My husband, filled with love and pride said that I would learn how to cook and that surely there were more Important Things in Life than cooking. My mother-in-law snorted.

It was a Prophetic Snort.

A couple of months of marriage and dining out later, my husband had had enough. He decided to take matters into his own hands and tried to cook a potato curry. He managed to make it without setting the kitchen on fire and though the curry itself wasn’t great, making it was fun. Fun. That’s right. Not a word associated with cooking. But that is when I tried to cook. Most of my early attempts were spectacularly unsuccessful. Some still are. But the fun has never gone out of it.

So, I dedicate this blog to the man who taught me that I could cook (and is reaping the benefits ever since). My husband.

There are many Important Things in Life. And one of them is Good Food.


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